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hades never gets any work done while persephone is staying with him~~

(i tried to draw something with a bg i’m dead ಥ⌣ಥ)

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Fave Parts of The House of HadesPercy: Wow. When he started looking back on the war with Kronos as the good old days- that was sad.
Percy: "This place smells like my ex stepfather."
Percy: "The Phlegethon? Sounds like a marathon for hawking spitballs."
Annabeth: "Thanks I'll have a smile on my face as I plummet to my death."
Leo: "Hey man it's cool you're Canadian right? I didn't expect you to get me an Independence Day present or anything... Unless you wanted to."
Leo: The face seemed to be trying to eat its way into the room.
Leo: Note to self do not leave boxes of magic grenades where dwarfs can reach them.
Leo: Leo figured that meant "KILL THEM" easy translation since most of the coach's sentences involved the word kill.
Leo: "Well I dunno. Let me pull my dwarf tracking GPS out of my tool belt."
Leo: He really didn't need to see a godly groin this early in the morning.
Leo: "Man you just wasted an awesome entrance."
Leo: "All by myself I'm special that way."
Percy: Percy had taken his girlfriend on some romantic walks before. This wasn't one of them.
Percy: When they needed a drink, the best they could do was sip some refreshing liquid fire. Yep percy definitely knew how to show a girl a good time.
Percy: "Including the kind that eats hang gliders."
Percy: "We should keep moving. You want some more fire to drink?"
Percy: "Keep climbing.. Cheeseburgers.. Shut up.. With fries."
Frank: He had no idea why he'd become a reticulated python but it did explain his dream about slowly swallowing a cow.
Ares: "Throttle him! Throttle everyone! Who are we talking about again?"
Piper: "I uh... I'll admit I'm not great with cows."
Leo: "Personally I'm trying to avoid lots of death but you guys have fun!"
Nico: "It was in the Africanus Extreme Expansion deck."
Triptolemus: "My friends call me Trip so don't call me that."
Ares: "I love this guy! Kill him anyway!"
Frank: "Wow farming. Congratulations."
Frank: As for Nico, he was still a corn plant.
Annabeth: Just another lovely day in the dungeon of creation.
Annabeth: "Connor give this to Rachel, not a prank, don't be a moron love Annabeth."
Percy: "Only a thousand times? Oh good... I thought we were in trouble."
Percy: "I appreciate the offer but my mom told me not to accept curses from strangers."
Percy: Seriously who curses you with their dying breath and says: I hope your eye twitches!
Rachel: "I hit Kronos in the eye with this hairbrush once. Otherwise no."
Leo: "She's alive thank the gods and pass the hot sauce."
Favonius: "Jason Grace, the West Wind has been called many things... Warm, gentle, life-giving, and devilishly handsome, but I have never been called startling."
Favonius: "Yes Jason Grace. I fell in love with a dude. Does that shock you?"
Jason: "Great now he's spouting greeting cards."
Jason: "Were you that ugly?"
Nico: "I had a crush on Percy, that's the truth. That's the big secret."
Annabeth: Percy was part of her- a sometimes annoying part sure but definitely a part she could not live without.
Piper: "Clever, take you all day to think up that line?"
Percy: "Awesome, could we get two orders of that to go?"
Percy: "That's very nice of you, but I'v had enough poison for one trip."
Percy: LOL NOOB!
Leo: "Yeah my bad I should've crashed on one of the other islands."
Leo: Kind of a Tarzan look, if Tarzan came in extra-small Latino.
Leo: "Right, whenever an engine malfunctions I like to tap-dance around it. Works every time."
Leo: The Mistress of Mud, The Princess of Potty Sludge.
Percy: "Poseidon's underpants you can't be serious."
Jason: But in his version Piper was a Kung Fu assassin.
Percy: Death Mist Annabeth looked like a freshly risen zombie.
Percy: A Titan strode toward them casually kicking lesser monsters out of his way.
Percy: "Easy-peasy. Except for... Well everything."
Frank: If only to stuff a teddy bear down the throat of that slime all augur.
Leo: "Did I miss the poison? Cause I love poison."
Nico: "Uh... You also have an arrow sticking through your arm."
Annabeth: For all she knew she was drooling as badly as Percy did when he slept.
Jason: "Dude" Jason gave Percy a bear hug.
Leo: "Way to go Zhang. Now you can order Octavian to fall on his sword."
Reyna: "Oh obviously, without you I doubt Percy could find his way out of a paper bag."
Percy: He kept expecting Big Mama Statue to come alive and chew him out for getting her daughter into so much trouble- or maybe just step on him without a word.
Percy: It almost sounded like Nico had read his mind and was agreeing that Athena should step on him.
Frank: "When we take over command our first order of business should be to load Octavian into the nearest catapult and fire him as far away as possible."
Percy: Heck percy kind of liked the coach's idea of using it as a missile and sending Gaea up in a godly nuclear mushroom cloud.
Percy: "Bob says hello," he told the stars.

A leader.


pipabeth is such a lovely ship<3

here’s my art process for a drawing i did of them:)

happy birthday annabeth chase (x)


Sooo, I basically started this tumblr because House of Hades left me with loads of Nico feels and I’ve got a feeling I’ll be drawing him quite a lot before they go away ;p  The very surprising point about HoH to me was that the Jason/Nico interaction got me interested in Jason as a character for the first time. Now I want a brotp !! (and like apparently many people in this fandom I might ship them because of Minuiko ’s art)

So I’ve started this series of snapshots that starts in the book and ends up with my head canon which is a chronology of Jason and Nico’s friendship/bromance ;p Here goes their canon interaction, from Jason distrusting Nico and being all suspicious at first to the event of Diocletian’s palace. I just realized after I finished the second drawing that I had flopped the pic for composition reasons, but completely forgot that this process made them both left-handed but I’m too lazy to redraw it ^^;;; 

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*cracks knuckles* well~ this took longer than intended, but anyways, i hope you all like my underwater percabeth kiss drawing~

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Leo needs a family not a girlfriend 

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